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2021 Launch

Announcing ExcitED.

William Tennent High School, located in the Centennial School District, is partnering with the Bucks County Department of Workforce & Economic Development, the Wistar Institute, and the Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research (PSBR) offering high school students a pathway to real-world work experiences via mentorship, internships, workplace visits, job shadowing, and employment opportunities.

This novel program will provide both students and teachers in Bucks County the opportunity to participate in authentic professional experiences within the disciplines of user design, entrepreneurship, and biotechnology.

Student creating presentation about his independent fruit fly experiment on his laptop.
William Tennent High School student in his Genetics and Bio-Tech class.


Schools-to-Work Grant.

Through the generous support of Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry, this partnership has been awarded a two-year, $250,000 Schools-to-Work grant, to develop a pre-apprenticeship program focused on creating workforce development partnerships between school districts, higher education institutions, and local businesses to increase learning and training opportunities for Bucks County youth.

Bucks County

Ground Zero for Transformative Education

Lab Rotation

Genetics and Bio-Technology classes have finished their "lab rotation" portion of the course which exposed them to new equipment and techniques.

Lab Rotation

Some techniques include: Extracting DNA and amplifying it in a PCR machine, using a binocular compound high magnification microscope, pouring electrophoresis gels, and running DNA and proteins in electrophoresis gels and staining gels.

Genetics Lab

Students will study the genetics of a cancer of their choice and do a deep dive into its mechanics.

Genetics Lab

Using the lab results, they will create a presentation/read-out that counts towards their midterm grade.

User Design Challenge

User Design students will learn how to prepare and produce a podcast episode, using RecPhilly's equipment and mentorship.

User Design Challenge

The episode will document an aspect of their user design challenge and will be added to this website. Stay tuned!

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