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Guiding students with 21st-century “life skills”.


Build the future:

ExcitED is an opportunity for our partners to work with high school students in an effort to build the future workforce pipeline while bridging the gap between secondary education and professional employment.

We need your assistance to expand their horizons and provide mentorship in a forever-changing work environment. In return, you obtain disciplined, hard-working, and well-trained interns and employees ready to tackle the challenges you put in front of them.

You can have a direct influence on the development of our youth in order to prepare them for a future workforce that has yet to be defined.

Young woman working on a laptop in a high tech lab.
Two young tech workers in lab with multiple computers.




GUEST INSTRUCTOR: Come for a day and teach the students on a topic you have expertise on. This can be a lecture on a topic, an interactive activity, or a technique or method;


CHALLENGE PROJECT SPONSOR: Provide a real-world, open-ended question for students to tackle. Be available to support the students by making connections and providing feedback along the way;


MENTOR: Meet with students monthly to give them feedback and advice on the challenge project they are working on, and help them develop themselves in a professional environment by providing them with and guiding them through 21st-century “life skills”;


INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Students come to your organization with enthusiasm and know-how. Best of all, we also provide stipends to cover the cost of their experience.

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