Schools. Communities. Partnerships.
Authentic & transformative learning

ExcitED is a workforce readiness program that prepares students for life beyond secondary education by securing, promoting, and growing authentic and intellectually challenging partnerships that enhance student learning and afford opportunities for our school community to learn from and work alongside industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and academic partners.


aims to:

CREATE an engaging environment where students and educators can develop, hone, and part-take in unique skills-based STEAM learning opportunities;

FOSTER partnerships to innovate education by building a platform for authentic learning experiences that prepares the school community for real-world employment opportunities;
ESTABLISH a long-term solution through the region which is intended to create an enriching and engaging research-focused STEAM program that will allow students and educators to explore and participate in career-connected experiences.
ExcitED - Schools. Communities. Partnerships.
ExcitED - Schools. Communities. Partnerships.


What is ExcitED?
School systems are training students in the same way it was done for decades, even though many students will be hired for jobs that do not exist today. ExcitED is grounded on the belief students should be empowered to create and generate new ideas under the guidance of teachers and industry partners. ExcitED helps students gain the transferable skills – collaboration, problem-solving, creativity, design thinking, and communication – they will need to succeed in today and tomorrow’s college and job market.


Why develop ExcitED?
In our current educational system, teachers deliver content and students are expected to regurgitate that content sometime later. Most projects are not relevant, and they have meticulous checklists and rubrics that thwart the development of original thought and problem-solving skills. This is in drastic contrast with the expectations placed on the students once they enter college or the workforce: that is to research, learn independently and work with others to create innovative solutions to very complex problems.
Students being introduced to human centered design thinking.
ExcitED - Schools. Communities. Partnerships.


Who is involved?
ExcitED is proud to be partnering with various stakeholders in both the academic and corporate arenas, including: Teachers and students in the Centennial School District, the Bucks County Workforce and Economic Development Board, and the Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research (PSBR) as well as several local, regional, and national corporations, entrepreneurs, higher education institutions, research centers, and next-generation manufacturing companies. All collaborators are focused on providing students with authentic learning experiences that prepare them for employment and/or higher education opportunities.


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